Rental Disputes Center Receives A Delegation From The Dubai Courts To Explore The RDC’s Digital Lawsuit Files

Rental Disputes Center Receives A Delegation From The Dubai Courts To Explore The RDC’s Digital Lawsuit Files

The Dubai Rental Disputes Center (RDC) welcomed a delegation from the Dubai Courts to review the digital lawsuit files concerning the resolution of rental disputes in Dubai, with the goal of enhancing cooperation and partnership in related domains.

His Excellency Eng. Marwan bin Ghalita, Acting Director General of Dubai Land Department, and His Excellency Judge Abdulqader Mousa Mohammed, Chairman of the Rental Disputes Center at Dubai Land Department, welcomed the Dubai Courts delegates headed by His Excellency Dr. Saif Ghanim Al Suwaidi, Director General of Dubai Courts, and attended by a number of heads of court, judges and leadership figures.

His Excellency Eng. Marwan bin Ghalita, esteemed for his warm welcome, expressed his delight at the gathering, emphasizing its potential to facilitate the exchange of experiences. He affirmed the commitment to the visionary leadership’s directives in crafting a cohesive roadmap for governmental operations in the UAE. He remarked, “In Dubai, we prioritize the adoption of innovative tools and smart systems to catalyze significant advancements in our workflow. This fosters a culture of precision and transparency, positively influencing stakeholder satisfaction and happiness. Furthermore, it strengthens the rental judicial system in alignment with future advancements.”

His Excellency Dr. Saif Ghanim Al Suwaidi, underscored the significance of his visit as a pivotal stride toward bolstering judicial cooperation and fostering justice within the emirate of Dubai. Emphasizing the essence of such exchanges, he highlighted Dubai Courts’ dedication to direct engagement with other judicial entities, facilitating seamless information exchange and expertise sharing. This, he emphasized, significantly contributes to realizing justice objectives and delivering exceptional judicial services to Dubai’s citizens and residents. Furthermore, he lauded the Rental Disputes Center for its commendable efforts in resolving disputes amicably, efficiently, and expeditiously.

He conveyed his contentment with the ongoing fruitful collaboration between Dubai Courts and dispute resolution centers, affirming readiness to bolster initiatives aimed at advancing justice and streamlining dispute resolution processes in Dubai.

His Excellency Judge Abdulqader Mousa Mohammed remarked, “We highly value the visit of the Dubai Courts delegation, which reiterates the significance of governmental cooperation and integration. We are fully committed to sharing our expertise from the Rental Disputes Center, particularly regarding the digital case file system spanning from registration to judgment execution. This mirrors our commitment to aligning with Dubai government’s digital transformation efforts. This shift has led to notable achievements, transitioning from conventional practices to digital systems. Consequently, procedures have been notably accelerated, and paper-based transactions have been eliminated.”

During the visit, a comprehensive review was conducted on the features and capabilities of the digital lawsuit system at the Rental Disputes Center. This includes offering an instant chat feature for RDC users, simplifying the process of submitting digital requests, digitally registering and monitoring rental lawsuits, and technically calculating financial claims without human intervention. Additionally, the system facilitates the creation and management of digital implementation of payment plans, as well as the preparation of reports and dashboards tailored to user needs. Furthermore, it enhances document management and self-archiving processes, streamlining operations further.

The RDC also provided the court delegation with insights into its groundbreaking experience in digitally integrating the judgment execution system with strategic partners from federal and local entities. This integration aims to streamline the customer journey, expedite the completion of related services, and access customer information to enforce judgments. Additionally, the mechanisms for case registration, conciliation management, first instance and appellate rulings, execution of judgments, and offer and deposit motions, along with petition orders, were elucidated. These efforts have spearheaded an unprecedented revolution within the Rental Disputes Center’s judicial framework, dedicated to resolving rental and jointly owned property disputes since its inception, positioning it as the global judicial standard for such resolutions.