37 Consult Keen To Transform SMEs Into Market Leaders

37 Consult Keen To Transform SMEs Into Market Leaders

37 consult, a leading marketing agency in Dubai that generates a constant flow of new clients for service businesses and local e-commerce stores, is marching ahead by providing digital marketing services exclusively to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the UAE in order to transform them into market leaders.

The main concept behind 37 consult businesses is to create an environment of trust among our loyal customers to grow and expand their businesses. Since our inception in 2017, 37 consult has been at the forefront of digital marketing, turning over AED 8 million in advertising spend into AED 50 million in client revenue.

Our focus is not just on elevating businesses; it is about rewriting the rules of digital marketing for UAE’s local SMEs. We infuse creativity and innovation into every strategy, setting new standards in digital marketing and content production.

This was stated by Dario Lapp, founder, 37 consult, adding that his company’s main target audience are SMEs in the UAE. “Our clients are local Pilates, yoga, and sport studios to local software companies, e-commerce stores and youth and holiday camps for kids, adding that if someone is interested“

Lapp noted that the main idea they are trying to communicate – Unique Selling Proposition Transforming successful local SMEs in the UAE into market leaders.“Our expertise comes from real experience from over 60+ customers.” Lapp added.He noted that they are fully aware about the issues of SMEs who are starting their businesses from zero level.

Lapp elaborated that his company’s main priority is to tackle the challenges, which the SMEs are facing on daily basis, adding that they were also assisting the budding entrepreneurs to boost their sales growth.

In advertising, creativity plays a key role, adding that they produce all content for advs. based on real data.

Meanwhile, Lapp the founder came to Dubai in 2015 originally from Germany and worked in a local events and marketing agency for 4 years. His first local customer was a restaurant called SMK – smoked meat kitchen in 2018 during the pandemic in May 2020 had to open a company because he had too many freelance clients, which also was the start of 37 consult – since they are successfully helping SMEs in the UAE to grow and become market leaders.