DLD Launched Updated ‘Dubai REST’ App With Improved Interface

DLD Launched Updated ‘Dubai REST’ App With Improved Interface

Dubai Land Department (DLD) launched an updated version of the ‘Dubai REST’ app, which provides an enhanced interface. This smart platform for real estate services empowers property owners, tenants, real estate brokers, developers, residents, investors, and stakeholders in the real estate market to access a wide range of real estate services efficiently.

The latest update offers a host of enhancements and features aimed at enhancing the user experience to streamline the execution of operations and procedures, making them more accessible and convenient. Achieved through an upgraded user interface, users can now navigate seamlessly between services. This update also significantly improves the application’s performance speed and responsiveness, ensuring a safer and more reliable user experience.

The Dubai REST app serves as a comprehensive real estate portfolio for property owners, accessible on smart devices; it also offers a wide range of services, empowering property owners to efficiently manage their properties, including tasks like buying, selling, renting, and mortgaging. Furthermore, the app provides real-time information on off-plan projects, including completion percentages, actual project photos, Escrow account numbers, and property owner payments due for invested projects. Users can also activate the favourite projects feature to conveniently monitor and track project details.

One of the key real estate services provided by the app is the Rental Calculator, enabling users to calculate rent increases and determine average rents in the real estate market; they can also enquire about a property’s status by entering property-specific information, such as the area and land numbers. Furthermore, users can track the status of real estate projects by monitoring completion percentages and project details across the Emirate. Additionally, the DLD Document Vault, a secure digital document storage, allows users to download and share files digitally with service partners as needed.

This is all in addition to other services, such as the Smart Investment Map, training courses and exams, the Green List, staying informed about the latest updates regarding real estate transactions, Mashrooi service, the Real Estate Brokers service, the Rental Index, inquiring about service fee indicator, the Incomplete and Cancelled Projects Committee, verification of real estate licences and permits, the Ask Malik service, verification of title deed certificates, and many more.