Robust Growth In Dubai’s Real Estate Market Presents Prime Investment Opportunities

Robust Growth In Dubai’s Real Estate Market Presents Prime Investment Opportunities

DHG Properties, a leading real estate development company operating within DHG Holding, which has a distinguished legacy of over three decades, unveils insights regarding the burgeoning trends in the UAE real estate market. The firm states that price growth in Dubai’s residential market has continued to accelerate, with a notable increase from 20.3% in February 2024 to 20.7% in March 2024. Blagoje Antic, Founder and Director of DHG Holding, which encompasses DHG Properties among its approximately 30 subsidiaries, explains how these trends are driving the sector’s success and emphasizes that understanding these dynamics is crucial for navigating the competitive landscape.

Property prices in the Emirate are projected to further climb by 5% to 7% annually in 2024 and 2025, driven by surging demand that far outstrips available supply. These trends underscore the market’s resilience and the increasing investor demand for both residential and commercial spaces. As urbanization continues with Dubai’s 2040 Urban Master Plan and Sustainable Development initiative, developments are strategically positioned to meet these evolving needs, providing a high-quality living and working experience.

This positive momentum is further evidenced by the significant activity in the off-plan market which dominated 65.84% of total market transactions, valued at AED 1.35 billion out of a total transaction value of AED 2.1 billion. Ready properties comprised the remaining 34.16% totalling AED 703.7 million. The remarkable increase in real estate transactions in Dubai further cements the attractiveness of the Emirate by increasing investors’ trust in the ongoing upward trajectory of the market.

Blagoje Antic, Founder & Chairman of DHG Holding emphasizes: “Dubai continuously demonstrates its capacity as a center for top-tier investment opportunities, and our understanding of and commitment to the market enable us to identify and capitalize on the most attractive opportunities. The city’s proactive policies, such as Dubai’s Quality of Life Strategy 2033, create an environment that ensures long-term stability and growth. Our approach has always been focused on anticipating market needs and delivering projects that not only meet current demands but also set new standards in the industry.”

Currently, DHG is bringing its signature European touch to the UAE via Helvetia Residences. With this JVC-situated project, the company is catering to the country’s diverse range of nationalities and simultaneously strengthening its portfolio. To date, DHG’s 30-year track record includes global feats such as 300 total delivered projects, 2.5 million square meters of construction and development, and over 1,500 residential and commercial developments in its pipeline. DHG recently held an event at the Hyatt Regency in Belgrade, highlighting the allure of Dubai’s real estate market and the increasing interest of Serbian investors flocking to this dynamic market, selling as many as 28 residential units in their upcoming project in JVC through an interactive program featuring a wheel of fortune that includes various benefits.