Dubai Resident Shaxnoza Sayyidi Crowned As First-Ever Miss Planet UAE

Dubai Resident Shaxnoza Sayyidi Crowned As First-Ever Miss Planet UAE

TV presenter and Media Personality Shaxnoza Sayyidi was crowned and hailed as Miss Planet UAE. The 26-year old Dubai resident is set to compete at the global Miss Planet competition to be held in Cambodia in November 2023. 

Miss Planet is a beauty competition advocating for the preservation of planet Earth, protecting animal welfare and raising awareness on climate change issues. 

Miss Planet International pursues the fulfillment of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. The competition’s core values are ending war and violence while promoting peace; embracing multiculturalism; promoting education; ending poverty and promoting ethical economic progress; and supporting clean renewable energy.

Commenting about her recent role and appointment as the winner, Shaxnoza Sayyidi said: “I am beyond grateful for this opportunity that has given me. As a journalist and media personality, I take honesty and pursuit for the truth seriously. I have accepted this role as the first-ever Miss Planet UAE for its advocacy to help raise awareness on causes that affect our planet and other life here on earth. I believe that by speaking up about these dangers that our planet has been facing, it is our utmost responsibility to take
action and heal the world.”

Sayyidi is scheduled to fly to Cambodia in November to compete for the annual Miss Planet UAE title.