Sobha Realty Elevates Consumer Experiences With First-Of-Its-Kind Holographic Displays

Sobha Realty Elevates Consumer Experiences With First-Of-Its-Kind Holographic Displays

Sobha Realty, a globally leading real estate developer, made a revolutionary move by unveiling industry-first holographic display to enrich the consumer experience, this display utilises mixed reality to provide customers with an immersive experience to envisage how the life at the Sobha developments would be, thus empowering them to make a more informed decision. This advanced method allows visitors to explore the nuances of Sobha Realty’s developments in an engaging and interactive manner, while presenting the company’s projects in breathtaking detail.

By leveraging mixed reality, Sobha Realty now sets a new benchmark for the real estate sector, offering potential buyers a distinctive experience while interacting with their prospective homes.

Ravi Menon, Co-chairman of Sobha Group, said: “We aimed at ensuring an engaging and dynamic visualisation of our projects by combining physical and digital worlds, offering a realistic preview that traditional methods cannot replicate. This initiative will further improve user experience at our sales galleries and represents an extension of the company’s ongoing efforts to drive innovation and boost customer satisfaction.”

The technology creates an illusion of volumetric objects on a flat surface that appear three-dimensional from any angle. The stable illusion of a virtual hologram is created by constantly modifying the projection based on the user’s point of view.

Additionally, users can wear stereo glasses to track their precise position in space using a proprietary tracking system built into the device. Every project has customised content tailored to its unique needs and specifications, turning the project into a full-scale, animated simulator.

Sobha Realty’s introduction of this groundbreaking technology not only demonstrates its commitment to leading the way in adoption of technological advancements, but also improves the decision-making process for prospective buyers. By providing a clear, immersive preview of potential homes, Sobha Realty is revolutionising consumers’ interaction with properties and raising the industry benchmark.