MIYA Opens On Bluewaters Island

MIYA Opens On Bluewaters Island

Inspired by the Greek Isles, MIYA Dubai, an enchanting venue, is thrilled to announce the season kick-off. Nestled on the picturesque Bluewaters Island, MIYA beckons with captivating Greek cuisine, intricate design, and breathtaking vistas, ensuring guests embark on a journey to sun-soaked shores. Emulating the captivating allure of Mykonos, MIYA seamlessly blends warm hospitality with an unwavering commitment to Mediterranean culinary excellence.

The interiors of MIYA are a testament to the union of Greek tradition and elegance. The neutral color palette, accentuated by blue, white, and copper pops, set the stage for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Natural textures, such as reclaimed wood accents, herringbone tile, and rattan furniture, evoke the essence of the Mediterranean. As daylight fades, guests can relish their meals in an ambient setting, bathed in soft lighting and serenaded by the soothing sounds of contemporary music, forging an immersive dining experience.

The venue boasts an intimate upstairs terrace with breathtaking views, providing the perfect backdrop for an exemplary meal. This addition provides for a memorable time, making MIYA the perfect destination for those seeking a taste of Greece in the heart of Dubai.

MIYA’s menu is a symphony of traditional Greek dishes infused with a modern twist, with each bite crafted with love, utilizing only the finest ingredients. Diners can begin the meal with captivating meze such as Hummus with pine nuts, tarragon, and pomegranate, or savor MIYA’s signature Tarama topped with flavorsome bottarga. The raw selection boasts savory plates such as Tuna Crudo, Raw Bluefin Tuna with olives and lime, and Sea Bream Carpaccio with chervil. 

Guests can delight in appetizers with the likes of Manouri, a seared Greek cheese crowned with torched grapes, and drizzled with truffle honey, or choose the tender Octopus, served on a bed of creamy hummus, topped with salsa verde and crispy chickpeas, to name a few. To round off the meal, MIYA offers an indulgent array of desserts from the Milhoja, a Greek take on mille-feuille, Yoghurt Ice Cream, or the refreshing Orange Citrus Pie and the Orange Granita.

Behind MIYA’s bar is a highly skilled team of mixologists who elevate their craft through creating art with cocktails. The beverage menu features a diverse range of elixirs, from classic cocktails to unique concoctions designed to captivate the palate. For a truly unique option, MIYA offers the Sandalwood Milkpunch, a masterpiece that undergoes a two-day production process where sandalwood, mango, and a hint of honey are fused in a harmonious symphony of flavors. If the Mediterranean beckons, the Mastiha Mai Tai awaits—combining Mastiha, apricot, orange liqueur, and lime, served over rocks for a refreshing experience.