Couture Real Estate: Teraciel Properties Announces Its Launch With The Imperial, A Stunning Mansion In Dubai Hills

Couture Real Estate: Teraciel Properties Announces Its Launch With The Imperial, A Stunning Mansion In Dubai Hills

This month, Teraciel Properties launched The Imperial in Hills Views, Dubai Hills, a one-of-a-kind mansion for the most discerning clientele. Built to transcend fashion and trends, The Imperial marks the first build by Teraciel Properties, a boutique luxury real estate developer positioned to create landmark properties and communities that cater to the lifestyles of the most discerning clients, through couture real estate. The launch of Teraciel Properties comes after much demand for world-class infrastructure projects that enhance the overall appeal and values of real estate in the UAE.

As a bespoke and customer-centric developer, where artistry combines with thoughtful function and innovation, Teraciel Properties creates compelling luxury builds. Established under Teraciel Group, which was born in 1985, Teraciel Properties bolsters the multidisciplinary group offering, which includes [INSERT AREAS & BUSINESS NAMES], all of which are showcased through the launch of The Imperial. Teraciel Group has an office team of [INSERT NUMBER] staff and an additional [INSERT NUMBER] artisans and craftsmen, united through its work ethic. Today, with its own in-house execution and manufacturing team, Teraciel Properties brings forty years of experience in luxury to the forefront of the debut project, The Imperial.

Distinctly identified by its facade wrapped in moulded limestone, The Imperial features a French colonial design mix unique to the architectural landscape of the community. Furthermore, the property stands out for its groundbreaking achievement, securing the record for the highest price per square foot in Dubai Hills Views, which underscores its exceptional value and desirability in the real estate market and sets the benchmark of quality and finishing for super-prime- 100m+ mansions.

The  grand facade sets the scene for The Imperial’s interior, which has been painstakingly designed to blend beauty and function alongside the latest amenities and cutting-edge technology. Intricate semi-precious mother-of-pearl inlays at the entrance, master bedroom and bathroom deliver something inimitable in this market, whilst bespoke furniture by ANCA accents the overall aesthetic with the highest-end veneers, semi-precious stones, custom-made carpets and chandeliers, to name but a few unique design elements. The result is soft classical, an enchanting melody of muted tones, refined details and creative use of space, including outdoor courtyards to deliver timeless elegance, comfort and tranquillity.

Teraciel Properties has recognized the increased demand of discerning buyers seeking luxury properties. By blending innovative architectural design with meticulous attention to detail, The Imperial mansion is a debut that sets a new benchmark in the global real estate industry.

“We are thrilled to introduce Teraciel Properties to the UAE market,” said Ujjwal Goel, Director of Tercaiel Group . He added, “We found an opportunity in the UAE’s luxury market that we believe Teraciel Properties can fill to provide some of the most discerning buyers with unparalleled quality and design. For decades, we have ensured excellence in all of our facets across the business and we are now committing that same level of distinction to the projects we will be bringing to the market through Teraciel Properties and our associated companies.”

Teraciel Properties will continue to expand its portfolio across the UAE.  Dubai will see a focus on super-prime residential real estate, with the next projects coming up in Emirates Hills, Emerald Hills and Palm Jumeirah. Further afield Teraciel Properties is also focused on luxury farmhouses in India, offering a suburban lifestyle, close to the city. And more recently, Teraciel Properties has been focusing on Luxury Commercial Building spaces for lease in the National Capital Region in India.

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