A.R.M. Holding Announces New Initiatives And Expanded Support For The City’s Cultural Vision

A.R.M. Holding Announces New Initiatives And Expanded Support For The City’s Cultural Vision

As Dubai Art Season 2024 continues to cement the city’s status as a global centre for culture, leading Dubai-based investment firm A.R.M. Holding today announces updates on its cultural initiatives. Three distinct programmes aimed at enriching Dubai’s artistic and cultural fabric will extend their reach to families, schools, and the wider creative community — reaffirming A.R.M. Holding’s dedication to cultivating the arts and creative education in the UAE.

Continued growth of the A.R.M. Holding Children’s Programme, the largest cultural education programme in the UAE

The A.R.M. Holding Children’s Programme, now in its fourth year was created to inspire the next generation of artists. The 2024 edition will launch at Art Dubai (1-3 March) before expanding to 100 private and government educational institutions, including schools for people of determination, across the UAE. This one-of-a-kind initiative will reach over 15,000 students in all seven emirates, making it the largest such programme in the UAE.

Designed for students from ages 5 to 17 to foster understanding and interest in the arts through interaction with international artists and exposure to a wide range of art and design practices, this year’s programme will further expand its bespoke workshops to enhance teaching capabilities by providing teachers with masterclasses, as well as the first-of-a-kind adapted programme in schools for people of determination. Goa-based artist Sahil Naik was selected to conceive and deliver his “Worlds in a Box” programme, exploring creation using dioramas, memory, and the built environment as sources of inspiration. Each workshop will conclude with a tour of Art Dubai, enabling children to take the ideas learned outside of the workshop space and learn from some of the world’s top visual artists. Naik has also designed a purpose-built Creative Play Area for children attending the fair, incorporating elements from the previous three iterations, by Jacob Dahlgren (2023), Cyrus Kabiru (2022) and Noom Project (2021). The programme will also enable schools to bring these workshops directly to classrooms, with the second phase commencing in April 2024.  To register for the workshops at Art Dubai or the programme for your school, please click here.

The official launch of the HUNA Cultural Programme with the new HUNA Sculpture Park at H-Residence as centrepiece

HUNA, a subsidiary of A.R.M. Holding, is a culturally driven lifestyle developer that transcends traditional property development by infusing art and culture into every project. Seeking to become a catalyst for creative experiences and building culture-focused communities, HUNA will officially launch its year-round Cultural Programme on 1 March 2024 with the highly anticipated unveiling of the HUNA Sculpture Park at H-Residence along Jumeirah Road, Dubai.

The HUNA Sculpture Park will feature a specially curated selection of world-class artworks by three leading international artists in a showcase of the dynamic interplay between sculpture and architecture. Challenging perceptions, it will invite viewers to reconsider their relationship with their environment. Rana Begum‘s ‘No.1235 Mesh’ is a folded metalwork that blends sculpture, painting, and architecture with light playing an integral role. One of the most dynamic and promising talents of her generation, Emirati artist Shaikha Al Mazrou‘s ‘Measuring Physicality of Void’ consists of five pillow-like copper sculptures exploring tension between the object and its surroundings. Pablo Reinoso‘s ‘Solo Bench I’ is a seating tool made of steel that reflects on the relationship between object and functionality, addressing environmental concerns and the human-nature relationship. These works offer a celebration of the potential hidden within the ordinary; and where reality blurs, the familiar is redefined through an exploration of form, function, and everyday artistry.

The HUNA Cultural Programme offers tailored experiences blending visual art, dialogues, performances, music, and gastronomy. This celebration of creativity and cross-cultural exchange reflects A.R.M. Holding’s dedication to enriching Dubai’s cultural landscape and providing residents with a platform for engagement, inspiration, and artistic expression.

The A.R.M. Holding Art Collection continues to expand, telling the stories of Dubai and the diverse communities of the city

Committed to supporting artists at all stages of their careers and building a world-class collection that represents the city and communities of Dubai, A.R.M. Holding expands its art collection to 38 artworks by 35 artists, making it one of the largest corporate art collections in the UAE. Leveraging art as a universal language to stimulate dialogue and cultural expression, the company acquires works by regional and international artists to add to its collection. Themed ‘Constructing Identities,’ the collection offers diverse perspectives on global urbanism. New acquisitions over the last 12 months include seminal artworks by Shamma Al Amri, Pablo Siquier, John Torreano, Gil Heitor Cortesao, and most recently, Hussain Sharif.  Explore the entire collection here.

As a founding patron of Dubai Collection, the first institutional collection of modern and contemporary art for the city of Dubai, held in the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, A.R.M. Holding is proud to loan works to ‘Encounters,’ a special exhibition of Emirati artists that will be a central feature of Art Dubai’s non-profit programming, foregrounding the modern and contemporary artists who have made or are making special contribution to the UAE’s visual arts. Among the pieces on show include works by Lamya Gargash, Shaikha al Mazrou, and the newly-acquired work of Shamma Al Amri. Please find more information about the exhibition here.

“We are honoured to contribute to the cultural advancement of our home city, striving to empower the local artistic community and enrich the lives of residents and visitors alike. We want to become a driving force, fostering artistic innovation and community enrichment through our collaborations with Art Dubai. Our holistic approach weaves A.R.M. Holding’s unique imprint into the cultural fabric, embodying the spirit of humility and genuine contribution that echoes our deep-rooted values. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating creativity and cultural enrichment as we work collectively towards our vision of Dubai becoming a global cultural hub,” said Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, Chief Executive Officer of A.R.M. Holding.

“Dubai’s vibrant cultural landscape is able to thrive, thanks to the support of a wide group of committed stakeholders, from government and institutions to patrons, corporations, and individuals. A.R.M. Holding is an exemplary model, enriching the city’s artistic fabric through long-term initiatives like the A.R.M. Holding Childrens Programme, which has quickly grown to be one of the best of its kind in the world. We are proud of the role we play in connecting the business and art communities through year-round initiatives like the newly launched HUNA Cultural Programme, which is an important new addition to the cultural fabric of this enchanting city. Together, we aim to foster cross-cultural exchange, nurture talent, and champion creativity, innovation, and thought leadership for a positive impact,” said Benedetta Ghione, Executive Director at Art Dubai.