Salik (Toll)

Salik means open or clear. When the traffic congestion problem was put before the congestion management team at RTA, they had one idea in mind. To look forward to open/clear roads. Hence came the system of implementing tolls at important points in the city, and the name given to the system was Salik.

Not just that, Salik uses the latest open road tolling technology to achieve free flow of traffic without the interruptions of a toll booth or collectors. It uses the Radio Frequency Identification Method (RFID) to identify the vehicle passing through a Salik-implemented road and deducts AED 4 from a prepaid registered Salik account. This is identified by the RFID recognizing the sticker tag affixed to the windshield of a car.

Currently, there are 8 Salik gates in Dubai. For users who do not wish to pay the Salik, there are alternate routes available that can be used. The Salik system sends an SMS to users when their Salik account is low on credit and they can recharge it. Salik tags are available in more than 300 locations, including at petrol stations (Enoc, Epco, Adnoc, and Emarat), Dubai Islamic Bank and Emirates Bank branches, and authorized outlets related to RTA.

The Salik system also implements fines for those who pass through a Salik road without a tag and for those whose credit is zero. It is therefore the responsibility of the citizens to understand the system and take part in it. After all, it’s for the betterment of the public.

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