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Dubai Tram

Dubai Tram is one of the safest means of public transport and a vital part of Dubai’s transportation system. The tram service runs between Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail. Anyone with a Nol card is eligible to use the Tram.

Dubai Tram Timings
6 AM to 1 AM (next day) Monday to Saturday
9 AM to 1 AM (next day) on Sunday

The Dubai Tram is considered the first tramway project outside Europe powered by a ground-based electric supply system extending along the track, thus obviating the need for catenary cables. It is also the world’s first tramway that uses Platform Screen Doors in passenger stations fully aligned with the tram’s doors opening and shutting mechanism, providing maximum convenience, safety, and security for passengers, and at the same time protecting the quality of the air-conditioning in the interior of both stations and carriages from external climatic conditions.

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